Volvo XC90 Suspension Replacement

Volvo XC90 Suspension Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a Volvo XC90 Suspension Replacement. The customer complained about rattling sounds when driving over potholes and poor roads.


The Cartisan team arrived at the customer’s location and carried out an inspection.


The following parts required replacements –

  • Front Shock Absorbers
  • Link Rods
  • Steering Ball Joint & Tie Rod Ends
  • Lower Arm Bushes


Cartisan provided the customer with a quote which the customer accepted.

Volvo XC90 Suspension Replacement Process


The Cartisan team picked the Volvo XC90 from the customer’s location and took it to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop.


The Cartisan technician raised the Volvo XC90 up with the help of hydraulic jacks and propped it up on stands for support.


He first used a pneumatic wrench to remove the wheel lug nuts and remove the wheel from the hub.



Lower Arm Bush Replacement


First, the technician disconnected the steering ball joint from the wheel hub. He removes bolts holding the lower control arm to the body of the car. He finally disconnects the end of the lower arm which is connected to the wheel hub.



In order to save on costs, the Cartisan Service Team recommended that the customer replace the lower arm bushes instead of replacing the entire lower arm. In order to remove the old bushes from the lower arm and install new ones, the Cartisan technician takes the components to a machine shop where old bush removal and new bush press-fitting is done with the help of a lathe machine.



The technician installs the new lower arms fitted with new bushes to the chassis of the Volvo.


Shock Absorber Replacement


Next, the Cartisan technician disconnects wheel hub from the bottom of the strut and removes it from the Volvo. The top end of the strut is connected to the body of the XC90 at a point which is accessible from the engine bay. The technician uses a pneumatic wrench to disconnect the top of the strut and removes the strut from the Volvo.


The technician then removes the strut mount which is bolted to the top of the strut. Once he disconnects the mount, he proceeds to remove the spring from the shock absorber. The technician fits a brand new shock absorber from Sachs to the spring which becomes the new strut. He bolts a new strut mount to the top of the strut and fits it back to the Volvo.



The technician fits the wheel hub back to the lower end of the strut. He also connects it to the lower arms.


Finally, the technician replaces the worn steering ball joint, tie rod ends & link rods with new ones from Sachs.



The technician connects and tightens all the suspension components, and mounts the wheels back onto the Volvo.


The Cartisan Adviser then takes the Volvo XC90 for a test drive to confirm the work was carried out successfully.


The Volvo is finally washed and delivered to the customer.


Suspension Replacement for your Volvo XC90 – Simplified

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