Skoda Rapid TDI AT Regular Service

Skoda Rapid TDI AT Regular Service

A loyal Cartisan customer recently used the Cartisan app to book a regular service for his new Skoda Rapid AT 1.5 TDI.

The customer booked an appointment and the service team arrived at his doorstep at the required date and time.


The bonnet was opened and fender covers were placed along the sides of the car so as to not damage the paint while working. The steering wheel, gear knob and driver seat were also covered so as to keep them from gathering dirt or grease.


First, the existing air filter was replaced with a brand new one.


Then the cabin air filter which is located behind the dashboard of the car was replaced with a brand new one.


Next the front wheels were opened and the brake pads were removed from the brake calipers and cleaned. The brake pads and rotors were then sprayed with an anti corrosion cleaning spray.


After removing the rear wheels, the brake drums were dismantled and the brake shoes were cleaned. A brush was used to brush off the brake dust that had accumulated inside the brake drums. The entire assembly was then sprayed with the anti corrosion cleaning spray.


Finally, the engine oil was drained out completely from underneath the engine block which was later filled with fresh Fully Synthetic Engine Oil from Shell. Before filling this new engine oil inside the engine block, the existing engine oil filter was replaced with a brand new oil filter.


The engine was then cranked to confirm that the service was completed successfully. The onboard service interval indicator was also reset.

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