My Cartisan experience

My Cartisan experience

Mr D. Dharmendra is a Runner, Entrepreneur, Coach and Blogger. After his first experience with Cartisan he kindly shared the following thoughts and photos with us.

If you are from or in one of the southern states of India and also happen to own a vehicle, then it is likely that sometime in the next 24-48 hours, you will be either washing your vehicle or getting ​it washed for Ayudha Puja. Now, if you happen to be one of those people who is conscious and perhaps even embarrassed about the amount of water spent doing this or any other car wash and have often wondered whether there’s a better way to keep your car clean and not consume so much water in a country clearly starved of water, Cartisan is the solution you have been waiting for. Cartisan’s Car Wash does not involve the use of water. All that Cartisan’s service personnel will need from you is the use of an electrical socket to plug in a vacuum cleaner which will be used to clean your car. They will use a chemical solution and a microfiber cloth to scrub your car clean.

Still wondering how clean it will be and whether it will be as good as conventional car wash? Take a look at some of the below pictures, taken before and after Cartisan’s car wash.​

My car got clean, we didn’t spend water and neither I or my car moved away from my house as the service was performed at my doorstep. What more can one ask for? And all this for a grand sum of Rs.99.
​Interested in giving it a try like I did? Download the Cartisan app now!

D. Dharmendra
Runner, Entrepreneur, Coach, Blogger, Cartisan Customer

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