2011 Mercedes-Benz GL-350 Airmatic Suspension Replacement

2011 Mercedes-Benz GL-350 Airmatic Suspension Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a 2011 Mercedes-Benz GL-350 Airmatic Suspension Replacement. The GL-350 had clocked around 40,500 km on the dash.


The Airmatic Suspension System


The Mercedes-Benz GL-350 is equipped with Airmatic Suspension. An airmatic suspension is equipped with an ‘Air Spring’ which can be controlled electronically. An air compressor reduces or increases the air pressure in the Air Spring. This allows the driver to adjust the ride height of the GL-350 and the stiffness of the front suspension.


This Mercedes-Benz GL-350’s had a damaged front left air spring.


2011 Mercedes-Benz GL-350 Airmatic Suspension Replacement


The Cartisan Team arrived picked the Mercedes from the customer’s location and took it to a Cartisan Preferred Workshop.



The technician pops the bonnet open and raises the car up with the help of a two-post lift. He removes the front left wheel of the GL-350.


The Cartisan technician disconnects the suspension linkages on the front left side of the Mercedes.



The technician disconnects the Air Hose Pipe connecting to the top of the air spring. He then removes the airmatic suspension completely from the GL-350.



The Cartisan technician removes the airmatic shock absorber. He installs a brand new Mercedes-Benz genuine airmatic shock absorber in its place and reconnects all the suspension linkages.



He mounts the wheel back onto the GL-350. The Cartisan Adviser operates the airmatic suspension system from inside the cabin of the GL-350 to confirm that all systems are OK.


The GL-350 gets a thorough wash. The Cartisan Team takes the GL-350 for getting its wheels aligned and finally delivers the Mercedes back to the customer.


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Suspension replacement for your Mercedes-Benz – Simplified

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Watch the video of the service here!

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