Make your car stand out from the crowd – Part I

Make your car stand out from the crowd – Part I

Everyone loves their car and considers it unique. Some would like to make heads turn when they go out for a drive. There are few who would like to make changes to their car to reflect their personality. Want to make your car stand out in the crowd? Personalize it according to your taste? This is part I of a series of blogs on how you could achieve this.

Part I – Exterior colour changes

We all love our cars. Even though there are hundreds of cars out there similar to ours, it always feels like our cars stand out from the crowd every time we look at it. Its time we take it one step further.

The first step to start customizing your car is to decide what the body colour(s) of your car should be. While a major decision on colour is already made at the time you buy the car, there are still options to modify parts of the exterior colour all the way up to complete repainting of the car exterior.

Dual tone coloring / Contrast Roof painting

Two / three tone colours have been popular with car owners right since the ‘50s and ‘60s especially with European car models (legendary Mini Cooper) and more recently amongst luxury car models right from Audi A1s to the Range Rovers

In India the dual tone coloring scheme has been somewhat popular with owners of Hatchbacks with fairly straight roof panels such as Maruti Suzuki Swift and Skoda Fabia and most of these have been after-market. Recently car manufacturers in India have started offering factory fit options of dual tone coloring in models such as the Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Creta.

  • Contrast roof painting – simply means that the roof panel is painted in a different color to that of the rest of the car. Customers usually choose contrasting colors such as black (on a light colored vehicle) or white (on a dark colored vehicle). These can again be finished glossy or matte.
  • You could extend the same contrast colours for the Outer Rear View Mirror (ORVM) and the B/C pillars of the car
  • You could go all the way and repaint the car with a color or finish that’s not usually available from the car manufacturer – like a matt black or blue finish

This remake of the popular movie Italian Job shows you what contrast roof colors look like in reality


Exterior wraps

An effect similar (or sometimes even better) than a paint job can be achieved with much less effort, albeit more expensive with the help of vinyl wraps. These give a new skin to your car with myriad shades, finishes, hues and designs!

Vinyl wraps are fairly easy to put on and relatively easy to remove. In addition to providing a new colour to your car, they offer a side benefit of protecting the actual paint of the car from minor scratches and scrapes that your car acquires every day in city traffic.

Have a look at these videos to how easy they make it seem to wrap your car. (It’s not that easy though in reality)


Vinyl wraps can be stuck on the roof and pillars / ORVM as also on the hood. Another variant of the vinyl stickers are calling racing stripes to give your car a sporty look.

In addition to standard printed colors and finishes, if you are looking for something definitely unique, you could provide your own design and get a professional wraps installer to print it off and apply the wraps on your car with your custom design.

When you are bored of the new look, you can get the wraps removed and either go in for another shade or get back to your car’s original color.

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