How to reduce premature tyre wear?

How to reduce premature tyre wear?

Wouldn’t it be nice if car tyres lasted forever? Unfortunately, no matter what you do, there will be tyre wear and there will come a time when you need to make a change. However you can be a smart car owner and by following some simple tips given in this blog, could reduce excessive tyre wear.

There are many causes of premature tyre wear:

  1. Wheel alignment  issue: pulls the vehicle  to one direction, if let it roll free on an uniform road. The vehicle automatically steers either to the left or right. It is a sign that alignment is required, else it will lead to tyre damage heavily at one edge.
  1. Neglecting to rotate your tyres when needed: Become familiar with the benefits of regular tyre rotation, as this will open your eyes as to why it is a habit you should get into.
  1. Improper air pressure: Do you have too much air in your tyres? Not enough? Either way, this can cause trouble, including premature tyre wear. Check your air pressure every time you fill up fuel in your car. This will ensure that it is never too high or too low.
  1. Balancing issues: Improper balance can cause the tyre to wobble, thus leading to improper wear. This is often accompanied by steering wheel vibration. If you believe one or more tyre needs to be balanced, it is important to address this concern without delay.

Premature tyre wear is something you want to avoid to ensure a safe journey. Instead, you want to take right measures to make sure that your tyres last a long time.

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