Why it pays to get dents and scratches fixed early

Why it pays to get dents and scratches fixed early

While it is common for major bumps to motivate you to take your car to a service centre to be fixed, this is seldom the case when you notice a small dent or scratch. Many people treat these minor incidents as just that, as well as an inevitable part of car ownership. However, there are a number of important reasons not to overlook them, and indeed fix them quickly.

Rust is the main enemy when it comes to car body scratches and dents. Your car’s finish contains components designed to be tough enough to protect the steel beneath. Every seemingly small scratch-like incident that the paint finish undergoes, subjects that layer, and those beneath it, to degradation.

Degradation means the metal can begin to rust, and the nature of rust is to spread. A tiny scratch can cause a huge bloom of rust that you can’t see beneath the paint surrounding it. In addition to the holes that this rust will eventually create, down the line degradation of this type can affect the resale or trade-in value of your car.

From a psychological view point, small defects can alter the way in which you view your car. Meaning that you no longer value the car as much and consequently become less likely to take care of it in more important ways such as replacing the tyres or changing the oil. In turn, your car won’t last as long and will become less reliable.

It is a good idea to contact us at Cartisan as soon as you notice a scratch, dent or ding so that we can help you to get your car looking 100% again and avoid this long list of negative consequences. Luckily for you, it couldn’t be easier! Just choose ‘Dents & Paint’, tap ‘Not sure what you need?’ and send us some photos of the problem. We’ll get you quotations from verified providers you can trust. Choose a provider and book in the app. It’s that simple, so don’t waste another moment.

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