Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

We all love our car,  irrespective of it being new or old, big or small. We want our car to be in great condition, clean and shining. It’s just that some of us don’t have a lot of time to pay attention to the small issues that can end up becoming big if ignored for a long time.

A car can speak volumes about its owner as well. Just stop for a minute and think about your car and what others might think. After spending a lot of money on the car you love, it does deserve some attention. There are a few things that we, as owners, can do. Here are some car care tips that might be useful:

  1. Washing and polishing are the best way not only for a better look but also to protect car’s finishing from the environment.
  2. Regular brake inspections are recommended to ensure a safe journey. Safety comes first, have the brakes inspected at least twice in a year.
  3. Regular oil change is the key to maintain the health and increase the performance of the engine. Preventive maintenance reduces your cost of service at a later stage. It is recommended that the oil is changed at least once in a year.
  4. Lot of accidents occur due to deferred maintenance. Keep your family safe by getting your car health check-up done time to time.
  5. Apart from all the luxuries, fuel economy does play a major role when one buys a car. Get your tire inspected for wear and tear and maintain recommended tire pressure to get a good mileage.
  6. Do check the coolant and brake fluid regularly to avoid breakdowns.
  7. With pollution on the rise it is recommended to get the cabin disinfected every 3 months to avoid infections or dust allergies. It is particularly important that care is taken if children regularly ride in the car.
  8. Do you smell something odd? Get the cabin air filter checked. It is also recommended to disinfect the AC ducts to avoid health problems.
  9. Keep an eye on check engine light on the dash. If you find that ON visit a nearby garage immediately

Too many things to take care of? Don’t worry we have got your back!

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