2014 Audi Q3 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

2014 Audi Q3 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out an Audi Brake Pad Replacement using Brembo brake components for a customer in Mumbai. The model was a 2014 Q3. The car had clocked around 40,000km on the dash.


The customer complained of screeching noises from the rear of the Q3 while applying the brakes. The Cartisan Service Team carried out an inspection and it was determined that the rear brake pads and brake rotors of the Audi required replacement. You can read about “3 signs when your car might need new brakes” here.

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Audi Brake Pad Replacement – 2014 Q3 with Brembo


The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s location and picked up the Q3. They took the Q3 to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop.



The Cartisan Technician parked the car in the service bay and raised it up with the help of a lift.



The technician removed the rear wheels. He removed the brake pads from the brake calipers and removed the brake rotors from the wheel hub.



The technician installed a brand new Brembo brake rotor onto the wheel hub. He fitted the brake caliper to the rotor and installed a new set of brand new Brembo brake pads into the brake caliper.



The technician placed the caliper cover on top of the brake pads and fitted the rear wheel back onto the Audi Q3.



The technician repeats the same process for the other rear wheel.


The Cartisan Adviser took the car out for a test drive to confirm that the work was completed successfully.


Brake Replacements for your Audi – Simplified


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Audi Maintenance Costs


Click here to know more about Audi Brake Pad Replacement costs as well as other costs. Cartisan uses the best braking components to deliver quality services along with personalized assistance and care!


You can watch the slideshow of the service below!


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