AC Refrigerant Gas Recharge

AC Refrigerant Gas Recharge

Make : Fiat
Model : Palio
Year of Manufacture : 2002
Service : AC Check & Sanitization, AC Gas Recharge
Mileage : 1,00,000km

The customer had complained of low cooling of his car AC. Cartisan service advisor and electrician arrived at the customer location to diagnose the issue.

The bonnet was popped up and the inspection began

Cooling in the car could be low due to many reasons amongst them being

  1. Low AC Gas pressure or Low level of AC refrigerant gas – In this case the air coming out of the blowers would not be cool
  2. Radiator fan malfunction – this would cause the AC gas in the system to evaporate due to external and engine heat
  3. AC Blower malfunction – this would altogether reduce the pressure of air blowing out of the ac vents
  4. AC / Cabin Filter clogging – this would restrict air flow within the AC system

In this case, the electrician connected a pressure gauge to the car with the help of 2 pipes – low pressure pipe “Blue” pipe was connected to the low pressure pipe of the car, and high pressure “Red” pipe was connected to the high pressure pipe of the car. The gauge comprises two dials- left dial shows the low pressure and the right dial shows high pressure. Ideally, low pressure values should be between 20 – 30 psi and the high pressure values should be between 200 – 300 psi.

The valves were opened on the gauge such that any existing refrigerant gas present in the system flowed through the gauge. On connecting the pressure gauge, the readings displayed the pressure in the car’s ac system were well below ideal values.

This meant that the car’s AC system required re-filling of refrigerant gas. A can of refrigerant was then connected to the ac gauge through the yellow pipe. The gas from the can flowed into the car’s AC system through the gauge and the low pressure pipe.

Entire contents of the refrigerant gas can was drained out and yellow pipe disconnected from the gauge.

Both the valves to the high pressure and low pressure pipes were opened to allow ac gas flows the system. The engine was then started and the Car AC was switched on. This allowed AC gas to flow through the system and the gauge. When the car AC is on, the indicator needles on the gauge slowly rise (to ideal values as mentioned earlier – 20-30 psi for low pressure and 200-300 psi for high pressure).

This indicated that the AC refrigerant gas recharge was successful.

To prove the effectiveness, temperature of the air blowing through the AC vents was checked. Ideal temperature would have to be below 10 degrees celsius. Cooling temperature for the Fiat Palio was found to be ideal.

The customer checked his ac effectiveness and was satisfied with the work. The customer saved precious time as he did not have to take the car to any car AC workshop or garage. Also he found the Cartisan charges (₹1499 all incl.) pretty reasonable and gave the entire experience a 5 star rating!

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