2014 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

2014 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

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This article is about how we at Cartisan carried out a Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Brake Pad Replacement using Brembo Brake Pads & Rotors.

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI – Quick Review


The Polo GT TSI is definitely one of the best European cars to hit Indian shores. A lot of journalists tend to call this car a hot hatch but i wouldn’t quite agree with that. The Polo is definitely not a “hot” hatch, rather a warm one! That being said, the most impressive feature of the Polo GT TSI is its 1.2L petrol motor producing a claimed 103bhp. A smooth 7-speed DSG gearbox fitted to this engine sends the power to the front wheels.

Despite subtle changes, the exterior and cabin look extremely familiar since we’ve all been seeing the Polo for the better part of a decade. The GT versions get blacked out spoilers and outer rear view mirrors.

Turn the key in the ignition and the lightweight 1.2L comes alive. The engine sounds smooth and well refined. The GT TSI’s steering wheel is flat-bottomed which adds a much needed sporty feel to the car. The Polo GT handles well and the steering feels balanced and carries the car with grace and poise.

Put your foot down and you will understand why the engine is so impressive – the GT TSI rockets forwards which is an amazing feeling after having driven all the sub 100bhp Polo’s of old. Flick the gear lever to the left and you can control your gearshifts which are lightning quick. The Polo GT TSI, therefore is fun to drive and even quite economical.


Brake Pad Replacement



If you don’t have a Polo GT TSI, you have to get one. If you plan to get one, you should know that sadly, the Polo GT TSI lacks the braking performance you deserve. For this very reason, we have our customer who has requested us to install Brembo brake pads and Brembo brake rotors to his Polo GT TSI.


The Mechanic and I arrived at the customer’s location at the specified date and time equipped with the parts and tools to carry out the service. We parked our service vehicle besides the customer’s car and unloaded our tools.

Work Process


The Mechanic loosened the wheel lug nuts. He placed a hydraulic jack underneath the car and used it to raise the car up on its side. He then unmounted the front wheel from the wheel hub and placed it by the car’s side.



The Mechanic proceeded to unscrew the brake caliper pins and opened the brake caliper cover. He removed the brake pads and unscrewed the bolts holding the caliper bracket to the knuckle. The Mechanic did this so that he could remove the brake rotor from the wheel hub with ease.



He removed the brand new brake rotor from the Brembo box and mounted onto the wheel hub. The Mechanic then fitted the brake caliper brackets to the knuckle. He fitted new brake pads from Brembo to this caliper bracket and covered the pads with the brake caliper cover.


The Mechanic tightened all the bolts to ensure the caliper assembly was secure and finally, mounted the wheel onto the wheel hub.


Meanwhile, I pulled out my smartphone and filled up all relevant inspection details based on the customer’s VW Polo GT TSI.


After tightening the lug nuts the Mechanic lowered the Polo GT TSI to the ground. I took the car out for a spin to confirm that the brake pad installation was completed successfully.


Brembo Brake Pad Installation – Simplified


We at Cartisan provide Brembo brake installations for various models of cars. Brembo brake components guarantee superior braking performance. To know more, click on this linkDownload the Cartisan app and request for an estimate or book your service. 10% cash back in the form of Cartisan Club Points to all bookings made through the Cartisan app!



Watch the video of the service here!



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