2011 BMW 320d E90 Textar Brake Pad Replacement

2011 BMW 320d E90 Textar Brake Pad Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement using Textar brake pads. The car had clocked around 75,000 km on the odometer and the rear brake pads were due for replacement.


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Cartisan provided customer with a quote. The customer accepted and an appointment was scheduled.


BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement




The Cartisan technician loosened the lug nuts of the rear wheels. He placed a hydraulic jack underneath the 320d and raised it up.


The technician unmounted the wheels from the 320d and proceeded to open the brake calipers.


He used a ring spanner to unscrew the caliper bolts. The technician opened the caliper cover and placed it aside. He removed the rear brake pads from the caliper bracket. The Cartisan technician used a C-Clamp to compress the caliper brake piston. He did this in order to create space for the new thicker Textar brake pads.



The technician installed the new Textar brake pads and closed the caliper cover.


The technician mounted the wheels back onto the wheel hubs and lowered the car to the ground. The Cartisan adviser cranked the engine and took the car for a test drive. He confirmed that the brake pad replacement service was a success.

BMW Brake Pad Replacement – Simplified


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