2010 BMW X5 E70 Suspension Replacement

2010 BMW X5 E70 Suspension Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a BMW X5 Suspension Replacement. The car had clocked around 65,000km on the dash.

The complaint…

The customer complained of clattering/ sounds from the front end of the car especially while driving through rough roads. The Cartisan team carried out an inspection and confirmed that the BMW X5 suspension components needed to be replaced.

Cartisan recommended the following BMW suspension components be replaced

  • Strut Mount
  • Strut Kit
  • Lower Arms (2 sets)
  • Stabilizer Link
  • Tie Rod End & Ball joint
  • Upper Control Arm

Cartisan provided a quote to the customer for the above mentioned items for BMW suspension replacement.

BMW X5 Suspension Replacement

The Cartisan team picked up the BMW X5 on the specified date and time and took it to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop.




The Cartisan adviser parked the BMW X5 in the service bay. The technician popped the bonnet open and used a two post lift to raise the X5 up.

The technicians removed the front wheels of the BMW X5. They began to dismantling the BMW X5 suspension components. They removed the tie rod end & the steering ball joint first. The technicians disconnected the lower control arms and removed them. They disconnected the stabilizer link and unscrewed the bolt holding the strut assembly from the engine bay.

The technicians used a set of clamps and an impact wrench to compress the strut’s spring so that the mount, buufer & boot could be replaced with brand new ones. The technicians reassembled the new strut kit with the new buufer, boot & mounting.






The Cartisan technician fitted all the new suspension components back onto the BMW X5’s chassis.

The adviser then took the car to the wheel alignment shop where the workshop technicians made adjustments to the suspension to ensure the handling of the BMW X5 would be optimal.

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Suspension Replacements for your BMW – Simplified

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