2009 BMW 530D Service – E60 with Shell Helix Engine Oil

2009 BMW 530D Service – E60 with Shell Helix Engine Oil

Written by Vfawke


This article is written to briefly describe a 2009 BMW 530D Service carried out by Cartisan.


The BMW 530D


The BMW E60 is the big(quite literally) sister of the BMW E90. The E60 is longer and wider and offers much more room inside the cabin. The interiors are more or less similar to the E90 save the space offered.


The BMW E60 is a real beauty. This car had particularly unconventional BMW styling. The eagle-eyed headlamps and the sweeping wraparound taillights makes the E60 one of the better looking luxury sedans of its day.


Get going and the car feels big. This particular model was fitted with a 3.0 liter diesel engine! Simply put, that’s a lot of torque and speed.


After I had finished my much-enjoyed test drive, it was time to get to work.



BMW 530D Service


The Mechanic got to work and opened the bonnet. They jacked the car up with the help of a hydraulic jack and removed the under-chassis engine shield. The Mechanic removed the engine oil drain nut underneath the engine oil sump to drain out the oil. He then removed the air filter from its housing.



The Mechanic replaced the air filter with a brand new one from Hengst. He then proceeded to remove the oil filter from the engine block. The Mechanic installed a brand new oil filter from Hengst in its place.



The fuel filter, which is located underneath the chassis on the left side, is removed and replaced with a brand new fuel filter from Hengst.



The Mechanic finally pours approximately 7 liters of engine oil into the engine block and cranks the engine.



As the Mechanic was working, I filled out a comprehensive complete car inspection checklist on my Cartisan service app. As soon as the checklist was filled up, I sent it to the customer instantly via email. I then took the 530d out for a test drive and confirmed that the service was carried out successfully.


BMW Service & Maintenance – Simplified


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Watch the service on the player below!


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