Renault Duster Brembo Brake Overhaul

Renault Duster Brembo Brake Overhaul

A Cartisan customer booked an appointment to replace the front brake pads and brake rotors of his Renault Duster. The customer chose Brembo brake pads and brake rotors for their superior braking performance.

The service began on the scheduled date and time. The bonnet was popped open and the car was raised up with the help of a lift.

The brake reservoir cap was opened to avoid air bubbles getting trapped in the brake lines while the brake overhaul was in progress.

After removing the front wheels, the brake pads were removed from the brake calipers. After the brake calipers were disconnected from the brake rotor, the rotor itself was removed from the wheel hub.


A brand new brake rotor from Brembo was mounted onto the wheel hub followed by the brake calipers and then the Brembo brake pads.

The car was then lowered to the ground and taken for a test drive to confirm the work was carried out successfully.

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