BMW 520d (F10) Brakes Overhaul

BMW 520d (F10) Brakes Overhaul

BMW Brakes overhaul / replacement is now officially Cartisan’s bestseller service for this month. Customers are increasingly choosing Cartisan over authorized workshops or even multibrand chains as they find it quite convenient to get this service done as well as love the transparency we offer along with real savings!

Cartisan provides upfront pricing for various make-models of premium cars (see here!). Customers can book either through the website or through Cartisan app.

Here is a case of a BMW 520d getting both front and rear brake pads replaced


The car was brought to Cartisan Preferred workshop and work was initiated. The brake wear sensors indicated brake pads needed replacement through an error code in the dashboard.


The car was raised up with hydraulic jacks and wheels removed starting with the front. Brake pads were worn out and needed replacement.

You can see clearly in the above picture the old brake pads were worn out (new brake pads and sensor on top).


New brake pads used in this car were Textar (for front) and Remsa (for rear). Textar is a fairly well known after-market brand of brake pads used in BMWs.

Next the rear wheels were removed and checked for brake pad condition.

Both sets were replaced along with new sensors.


The jack was taken out and vehicle was taken out for a test drive to check for any abnormal brake noises. The brakes malfunction indicator was now cleared and the car was ready to be delivered back to the customer.

The car was returned back to the customer within a couple of hours and the customer also ended up saving more than 60% compared to dealership workshops.






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