2012 BMW E90 320d Brembo Brake Overhaul

2012 BMW E90 320d Brembo Brake Overhaul

A customer who owns a 2012 BMW 320d needed a complete brake overhaul for his car as the brake pad replacement warning started flashing on the car’s instrument display.


A quote was provided and the customer approved for the replacement of the following parts –

  1. Front Brake Pads by Brembo
  2. Rear Brake Pads by Brembo
  3. Front Brake Wear Sensor
  4. Rear Brake Wear Sensor


The Cartisan service team arrived at the customer’s location on the specified date and time.


The bonnet was opened and raised and the service was underway. The brake reservoir cap was opened.


The wheels were removed. At each wheel, the brake calipers were removed from the brake disc. The brake pads, which are held inside these calipers are also removed


The brand new Brembo brake pads were installed into the brake calipers. The front right brake pads and the rear left brake pads are connected to a wear sensor. When the brake pads are worn enough for the brake sensor to touch the brake disc, the brake warning lamp is triggered inside the instrument cluster. These brake sensors are also replaced with sensors from Brembo.


All the wheels are mounted back to the car and the car is lowered to the ground. It is then taken for a test drive to confirm that the work was done successfully.


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